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Second only to casting choice in the hierarchy of movie anticipation, judgment and general fanboy buzz is the look of a comic book character. Art is always subject to the interpretations of those involved and sometimes the translation of a comic book character’s look from its pages to the big screen are judged harshly. Are movie studios obligated to be exact to the comic book in every way, for every character? If the costume has been changed in certain storylines or events, which one should be used? As the years have gone by, there have been various adaptations of the same comic book characters on the big (and small) screen. Some looks are considered to be timeless, while others are brought to the drawing board again and again, with varying results. While the list is heavy with DC characters, because they insist on continuing to alter their very classic superheroes for their movies, we’ve also included some Marvel favorites. Read on to find out how their costumes have transformed over the years, from their original iteration in the comics to the most recent version on screen.

While Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Matt Murdock is not very widely accepted as having done justice to the badass character, the suit he wore was very similar to how Daredevil is drawn in the comics, with only minor differences like the sizing of the letters on his chest. The Netflix series took a different story approach than the film, using the first season to establish Murdock as a character by closely tracking his journey from a vigilante in plain clothes to becoming the Daredevil superhero in a well-equipped suit. This version of the suit also hasn’t strayed far from the look in the comics, but it has a more tactical look, like the way Batman’s did in The Dark Knight series. Although they’re currently sticking with the famous red color as the suit’s basis, the look will likely continue evolve as the series goes on.

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